Hatha Yoga

     Healing and Massage


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Prices 1hr £45, 1 1/2 hrs £60, 2 hrs £80
A course of 6 for the price of 5 (pre paid)


During the Reiki treatment hands are gently placed on the body, chakras, and through the auric field surrounding a person. The hands act as a channel for the Universal healing energy to flow. The client's body/soul then uses the healing energy in the most beneficial way for that session. Healing can take place on all levels, clearing emotional trauma from the body, old fears, limitations within the mind, and physical pain. This is a deeply peaceful non-invasive healing experience.


Angelic Soul Healing
This is guided therapy session through talking,  Angelic Communication and hands on healing. A connection is formed with the higher self of the client and the angelic realms to facilitate healing on a soul level.


Kwan Yin Channeling
A technique of verbal Channeling, including questions and answers, with a healing sequence from the Goddess of Compassion, the Ascended Master, Kwan Yin.


One to One Yoga
Designed for you, whether you wish to develop your yoga practice, or begin a deeper level of self healing. Great for helping back Pain, inflamed sciatic nerve, or increase vitality throughout the body. Yoga is sacred time to know peace within the body, mind, and spirit, also facilitating emotional clearing.